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The expose' in 2012 about the generous (presumably unmotivated) assistance given by one of india's largest construction company, the DLF Construction Company, who gave unsecured loans running into crores of rupees to Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law, Mr. Robert Vadra, has prompted me to write this open letter. My intent is purely to secure my own existence and also to tell the world that they are misunderstanding the DLF's magnanimous actions (sic).


Dear DLF,

I am badly in need of a unsecured loan of a couple of crores of rupees only 
(as against the 65 crores you gave to dear Robert). I am a retired Indian 
citizen (female) and despite having a first class M.Phil and a couple of books 
to my credit, I have not got a permanent job in this country. 

Nor did I get a pension from the place where I worked for 10 years 
because this prestigious institute where I worked (and where Sonia 
Gandhi is a prestigious member, as well as your CEO) said that since I had retired one month short of 10 years, hence, according to this institute, I did not merit a pension! 
If I had worked one more month I would have got a pension, as per their rules. That I worked there for nine years and eleven months had no weight.

This institute gave me one year's extension after retirement, but they did not think I was fit for one more month's employ so as to make me eligible for pension!

Being in my early 60s, I need to put aside some income to look after my health 
and welfare for the next few decades. No one would give me a loan as my 
only asset is my flat, given to me by my parents, but which is still not in my 
name. And besides, even when I get it in my name, I cannot sell it as I live in it!

That is why I am applying for an interest free advance of rupees 2 crores from 
you, dear DLF. 

I read in the papers that you gave Mr. Robert Vadra an advance of 65 crores 
without any interest or guarantee, and without any ulterior motivation of gain 
from your side, just so that he could invest it, make money and return your 
Wonderful to know that companies like your's exist in this wretched country! I also read that your generosity to him had nothing to do with his links with the Sonia Gandhi family or the Congress Party.
Great, gr8, grate! I will surely qualify as I have no links with Sonia Gandhi or with the Congress Party of India.
This philanthropic attitude of yours, for which the Indian press and Arvind 
Kejriwal et al. are maligning you, is what has encouraged me to write this letter 
to you.

If you give me the requested interest-free, 'no strings attached' loan, I will use 
it to (a) either immediately buy real estate, in the hope that once its value 
appreciates in a couple of years I can immediately give your advance back to 
you and use the rest for myself; or (b) I will buy a few flats in the suburban 
areas (like dear Robert) and rent these and give you back the advanced 
amount via the rent I perceive. The flats can then be sold by me because their 
value would have appreciated and this will help me live comfortably for the rest 
of my life on this earth (and then in heaven too, I am sure).

I know that I have nothing to pledge in return, not having a prominent family 
nor any assets apart from my small flat. But the reason why I am applying to you is because you have openly declared in the papers that you 'did not give the loan to Robert Vadra because of his connections with the First Family of India', but simply as a business deal. 

Such generosity is not being correctly perceived by the press (damn the Indian press) and the opposition in India (damn them too!). If you give me a 'no strings attached' advance of rupees 2 crores, I promise to openly give an interview glorifying your name and 
telling the world at large what a magnanimous institution you are, and how 
you invest your millions for the welfare of the needy.

Yours sincerely,

Bela Butalia, Ms
Needy Resident of New Delhi

ps. for those readers unfamiliar with the Indian currency, one crore equals 10 million.

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